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Sole ownership

  • (1) Valid ID
  • (2) DTI Certificate of Registration
  • (3) BIR 2303

Partnerships/ Corporations / Cooperatives

  • (1) Authorized representative's valid ID
  • (2) Certificate of Partnerships/Certificate of Incorporation/ CDA certificate
  • (3) BIR 2303 or BIR 1945


  • (1) Passport
  • (2) DTI/SEC certificate
  • (3) BIR 2303

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Authorized person’s government issued ID
Business Registration Certificate (DTI/SEC/CDA)
BIR form 2303 or BIR 1945

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Benefits of Our Own Delivery


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Live tracking

Customers can enjoy live tracking of their orders to their doorsteps, giving them an even better experience.

How it works?


Order Placed

Watch as orders queue at your mobile and computer monitors, waiting to be fulfilled.


Packed and Dispatched

Once you're done preparing orders, our friendly and capable riders will handle all from here. Delivering your products safely to your waiting customers.



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