User Agreement
Terms & Conditions

Special Note:

FILSOTECH INC. (hereinafter referred to as "TSIBOG atbp") hereby reminds you (the user) to carefully read this "User Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") before registering as a user to ensure that you fully understand The terms of the agreement, especially the terms of exemption or limitation of liability, the application of law and jurisdiction, and the separate agreement for opening or using a certain service, and choose to accept or not. Unless you accept all the terms of this agreement, you have no right to register, log in, or use the services covered by this agreement. Your registration, login, use, etc. will be regarded as acceptance of this agreement, and you agree to be fully bound by the terms of this agreement.

This agreement stipulates the rights and obligations of the "TSIBOG atbp" platform service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") between Tsibog atbp and users. "Users" refer to individuals or organizations that register, log in, and use this service. This agreement can be updated by Tsibog atbp at any time. Once the updated agreement terms are announced, they will replace the original agreement terms without prior notice. Users can check the latest version of the agreement terms on this website. After modifying the terms of the agreement with Tsibog atbp, if the user does not accept the revised terms, please stop using the service provided by Tsibog atbp immediately. The user's continued use of the service provided by Tsibog atbp will be deemed to accept the modified agreement.

[Important Reminder] You should read this Agreement carefully before you complete the signup process. If you have any questions about the agreement, you can consult us according to the contact information in this agreement, and we will make a further explanation for you. Please read carefully and fully understand the contents of each clause, especially the exemption or limitation of liability, application of the law, and dispute resolution clause. Exemption or limitation of liability provisions will be marked with bold; you should focus on reading.

[Capacity for civil conduct] You shall have the capacity for civil conduct under the law of the Republic of the Philippines. If you are under the age of 18 or do not have the corresponding capacity for civil conduct, please read this service agreement accompanied by your legal guardian, and obtain the prior consent of your legal guardian before you conduct any behavior such as registration, order, payment, etc., or use any other services on the platform.

[Signing action] In the process of reading this agreement, if you do not agree with this agreement or any of its terms, you should immediately stop the registration process. When you fill in the information, read and agree to this Agreement and complete all the registration procedures according to the prompts on the registration page, you have fully read, understood, and accepted all the contents of this agreement, and have reached an agreement with Tsibog atbp platform, becoming the "user" of the Tsibog atbp platform.

I. The two parties to this service agreement are the platform "TSIBOG atbp" (hereinafter referred to as "Tsibog atbp") of FILSOTECH INC. and the users of Tsibog atbp platform (hereinafter referred to as "user" or "you"), and this service agreement has contract effect.

II. The operator of the Tsibog atbp platform refers to the legal subject that operates the platform. You can check the license information at the bottom of the platform at any time to determine the person who performs the contract to you. Under this agreement. The operator of the platform may be changed according to the business adjustment of the platform. The operator of the platform will perform this agreement with you and provide services to you. The change of the operator will not affect your rights and interests under this agreement. In case of dispute, you can determine the subject of performance and the opposite party of the dispute according to the specific service you use and the specific behavior object that affects your rights and interests.

III. Due to the rapid development of the Internet, the terms and conditions of this service agreement signed by you and Tsibog atbp cannot completely list and cover all rights and obligations of you and Tsibog atbp, and the existing agreements cannot guarantee that they fully meet the needs of future development. Therefore, the privacy policy and other rules of the platform make the supplementary agreement.

The supplementary agreement is inseparable from this Agreement and has the same legal effect. By using the service, you agree to the above supplementary agreement.

IV. According to the changes in national laws and regulations, operational needs, or the purpose of improving service quality, Tsibog atbp will modify and update the above-mentioned agreements, terms, and rules when necessary, and give you advance notice by issuing announcements and notices on the web page or mobile client. In this case, the change will not affect you; if you continue to use the services involved after the implementation of the abovementioned updates and modifications, you will be deemed to have agreed to the updated and modified contents. You should timely consult and understand the relevant updated and modified content. If you do not agree with the relevant updated and modified content, you can stop using the service involved in the relevant updated and modified content.

V. Users are natural persons with full civil capacity. If a person without or with limited capacity for civil conduct improperly registers as a user of Tsibog atbp or engages in transactions beyond the scope of his / her civil rights or capacity, the service agreement between him/her and Tsibog atbp shall be invalid from the beginning. Once a person is found, he/she shall have the right to cancel the account immediately and investigate his / her use of the Tsibog atbp service.

VI. User registration refers to the process in which the user logs in to the platform, fills in the relevant information as required, and confirms that he/she agrees to perform the relevant service agreement. The user shall be responsible for paying all the taxes, services, and other expenses incurred by the user due to the transaction, the paid service for ordering goods, and the cost for contacting the delivery guy of the platform. The platform is only used as a trading platform for online ordering.

VII. Tsibog atbp platform: the platform software independently developed by FILSOTECH INC. and provided for users to conduct transactions on the website and mobile. Users can use this system for order management, and merchants can use this system for publishing and order management of stores and takeout information.

VIII. To create a healthy and orderly network service ordering platform for the vast number of users, Tsibog atbp advocates an honest listing of products.

However, due to massive information, the differentiation of information of goods provided in the system, and actual goods, Tsibog atbp platform cannot review the information of all products one by one. The quality, safety, legality, authenticity, and accuracy of the commodities involved in the transaction cannot be reviewed one by one. You should judge carefully.

IX. Rights of users:

(1) Users have the right to create an account after submitting relevant registration information to the system using Mobile number authentication or via Facebook. Each user is allowed to use only one account on the Tsibog atbp platform. Users are not allowed to transfer or authorize others to use their accounts in any form.

(2) After the user clicks the "PROCEED TO PAY" button, the system will automatically generate an order containing the product name, purchase quantity, total amount payable, receiving address and the user should check it carefully. When the user clicks the "PROCEED TO PAY" button at the bottom of the order, it is deemed that the user has read and agreed to all the contents of the takeout page and approves the contents of the order. The contents of the order and the information on the delivery page are regarded as the delivery transaction contract between the user, the merchant, and the delivery service provider.

(3) After the merchant confirms the user's order, the delivery service will be completed by the third-party distribution service provider for the order selected for delivery. The user agrees and understands that the merchant will provide you with a delivery service for some commodities. In this case, the relevant standards of delivery service shall be implemented according to the standards publicized by the merchant on the Tsibog atbp platform (including but not limited to the fee standard, delivery time limit, etc.). At the same time, the third-party distribution service provider will provide you with a delivery service; charge you a certain delivery service fee, and the specific amount is subject to the amount displayed in the system when you place an order. You know and authorize the third-party distribution service provider to pick up the goods from the merchant and deliver the goods to the delivery address specified by you. The delivery fee paid by users is charged by the actual delivery service provider. Users will get an electronic invoice of goods within the limit of the amount paid. The electronic invoice can be seen on the "Order details".

(4) Users have the right to make comments and complaints on the service provided by the selected merchants and put forward suggestions and opinions;

(5) For the damage, damage, and loss of goods caused by the merchant or the third-party distribution team during the whole logistics distribution process, the corresponding responsible party shall bear the compensation liability. Tsibog atbp will actively cooperate with users to recover the loss according to the platform rules. In case of any dispute between the user and the merchant during the transaction process of the platform, the user can request "Tsibog atbp" to coordinate the complaint to the merchant. If users find that other users have illegal or violation of this service agreement, they can report to Tsibog atbp for review.

In case of dispute, users have the right to file relevant information through the disputes department.

X. Obligations of users:

(1) Users are obliged to provide their true information when registering and using the platform and guarantee that the effectiveness and security of the contents such as contact number, contact address, etc. can ensure Tsibog atbp, merchants and delivery partners can contact you through the given contact information. At the same time, users are also obliged to update the relevant information whenever the relevant information is changed. Users guarantee that they will not register with other people's information on the platform. If a user uses a false phone number, name, address, or uses other people's information to use the Tsibog atbp platform, we reserve the right to disable the account.

(2) If the evaluation released by users involves any behavior in violation of national laws and regulations as well as various social public interests or public morals, the Tsibog atbp platform has the right to delete the relevant evaluation contents. Users should not maliciously evaluate other merchants or take improper measures to improve their rating or reduce the rating of other merchants on the platform. Users promise that they will not have the following violations when using the platform. If any legal consequences are caused by the following violations, users will assume all legal responsibilities independently in its name.


(1) All kinds of behaviors that violate the laws and regulations of the state or the public interest;
(2) Violation of the provisions of the platform (including but not limited to making false orders, using system vulnerabilities to obtain profits, illegal cash out, etc.);
(3) Other behaviors that damage the interests of the platform, merchants, and other users.
(4)The user agrees that it is not allowed to make commercial use of any information on the platform, including but not limited to the use of any information displayed on the platform through reproduction and dissemination without the prior written consent of Tsibog atbp.
(5) Users agree to receive e-mails and messages from the platform or partners of the platform. If you are not willing to accept such information, you have the right to unsubscribe through the corresponding unsubscribe method provided by the Tsibog atbp.

XI. Tsibog atbp rights

(1) If the user has a dispute with merchants or delivery partners during the transaction process, he/she requests mediation. After the review, Tsibog atbp has the right to contact both parties by telephone or email, and inform each other of the information;
(2) Tsibog atbp has the right to check the user's registration information and transaction behavior. If it is found that the registration data or transaction behavior violates the national laws and regulations or Tsibog atbp's platform rules, the company has the right to resolve according to the relevant provisions;

XII. Obligations Tsibog atbp:

(1) The company is obliged to maintain the normal operation of the entire ordering platform based on the existing technology, and strive to upgrade and improve the technology so that the online ordering activities of users can be carried out smoothly.

(2) For the problems related to transaction or registration encountered by users in the registration and use of the Tsibog atbp platform, the platform should make a timely reply.

(3) If a user has a lawsuit against the company, the merchants, delivery partners, and other users due to transaction conducted on the platform, the user shall provide relevant information through the judicial department or administrative department per legal procedures, and shall actively cooperate with and provide relevant information.

XIII.Privacy policy.

Tsibog atbp attaches great importance to the protection of user's personal information. The platform hopes to introduce to you how we handle your personal information through the privacy policy. According to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, if network products and services have the function of collecting user's information, their providers shall make it clear to the users and obtain their consent. You are hereby informed of the purpose, method, and scope of the collection and use of user's personal information, the channels to query and correct information, and the consequences of refusing to provide information through the privacy policy.

You are welcome to read the privacy policy on a separate page to help you better protect your privacy.

XIV. In case of any of the following circumstances, you shall be deemed to have breached the contract:

(1) Violation of relevant laws and regulations when using our platform services;
(2)Violation of this agreement or the supplementary agreement of this agreement.

To adapt to the development of the Internet industry and meet the needs of a large number of users for efficient and high-quality services, you understand and agree the procedures and standards for breach of contract can be stipulated in the Tsibog atbp platform rules. For example, Tsibog atbp can determine whether you constitute a breach of contract according to the relationship between your user data and massive user data; you have the right to provide sufficient proof and reasonable explanation for your data anomalies, otherwise it will be deemed a breach of contract.

XV. Measures for breach of contract

(1) If the content and information you publish on the Tsibog atbp platform constitute a breach of contract, the platform has the right to immediately delete and block the corresponding content and information according to the corresponding rules, or suspend, disable, or cancel the use of your account. Our platform shall bear the corresponding responsibilities under the circumstances that the law stipulates.

(2) According to the corresponding rules, we can restrict your account from participating in activities and stop providing you with some or all services if your behavior constitutes a fundamental breach of contract, Tsibog atbp can block your account and terminate the service to you.

(3) If you violate the relevant laws and regulations on the Tsibog atbp, we can report to the relevant authorities and submit your records and other information according to law.

XVI. If your behavior causes any loss (including direct economic loss, goodwill loss, and indirect economic loss such as compensation, settlement payment, lawyer's fee, litigation fee, and so on), you shall compensate for all the above-mentioned losses. If your behavior makes Tsibog atbp suffer from the claim of a third party, we can recover all losses from you after assuming the obligation of paying money to the third party.

XVII. The user has the right to terminate this agreement by any of the following ways:

(1) When you meet the account cancellation conditions announced by the Tsibog atbp platform, you can log off your account through the platform;
(2)Before the change takes effect, you stop using it and express your unwillingness to accept the changed item;
(3)You have indicated that you do not want to continue to use the service provided by Tsibog atbp, and you meet the termination conditions of the platform.

XVIII. In case of any of the following circumstances, Tsibog atbp may notify you to terminate this Agreement:

(1) You are in breach of this agreement, Tsibog atbp terminates this agreement according to the breach clause;
(2) You embezzle other people's account, release illegal information, defraud other's; property, disturb the platform order and seek profits by improper means, etc., and your account is blocked according to the platform rules;
(3) in addition to the above situation, due to your repeated violation of the relevant provisions of the platform rules, and the severity is serious, Tsibog atbp will terminate your account according to the rules of the platform;
(4) You violated the legitimate rights and interests of others or other serious violations of the contract on the platform;
(5) Other cases where the service should be terminated according to relevant laws and regulations.

XIX. After the termination of this agreement, unless otherwise specified by law, in principle, Tsibog atbp has no obligation to disclose any information in your account to you or the third party designated by you.

XX. After the termination of this agreement, the company shall still enjoy the following rights:

(1) Tsibog atbp can delete or anonymize your personal information as required by applicable law. You can also continue to save other content and information that you have saved on the platform according to the time limit and method stipulated by law.
(2) For your past breach of contract, Tsibog atbp can still hold you responsible for breach of contract according to this agreement.

XXI. Tsibog atbp shall perform the basic guarantee obligations under the law. However, in case of any obstacle in the performance of the agreement, defects in performance, delay in performance, or change in the content of performance caused by the following reasons, the party shall not be liable for breach of contract:

(1) Natural disasters, strikes, riots, wars, government actions, judicial administrative orders, and other force majeure factors;
(2) Due to power supply failure, communication network failure, and other public service factors or third-party factors;
(3) Under the condition of good faith management, due to routine or emergency equipment and system maintenance and installation, backup and system failure, network information and data security, and other factors.

XXII. The conclusion, effectiveness, interpretation, amendment, supplement, termination, execution and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall apply

Laws of the Republic of the Philippines; if there are no relevant provisions in the laws, refer to business practices and/or industry practices.

XXIII. The disputes arising from the use of the services of the platform and related to the services of the platform shall be settled by negotiation with you. If consultation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit where the defendant is located. Any provision of this Agreement shall be deemed invalid, invalid, or unenforceable, and such provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement.

XXIV. If you have any questions or suggestions about this service agreement, you can contact Tsibog atbp through